Workflow build script for Alfred

A script for building Alfred workflows. Focussed on Python-based workflows.

Creates an .alfredworkflow file from the contents of the specified directory. The generated file's name is based on the workflow's name and version extracted from info.plist.

workflow-build [options] <workflow-dir>

Build Alfred Workflows.

Compile contents of <workflow-dir> to a ZIP file (with extension

The name of the output file is generated from the workflow name,
which is extracted from the workflow's `info.plist`. If a `version`
file is contained within the workflow directory, it's contents
will be appended to the compiled workflow's filename.

    workflow-build [-v|-q|-d] [-f] [-o <outputdir>] <workflow-dir>...
    workflow-build (-h|--version)

    -o, --output=<outputdir>    Directory to save workflow(s) to.
                                Default is current working directory.
    -f, --force                 Overwrite existing files.
    -h, --help                  Show this message and exit.
    -V, --version               Show version number and exit.
    -q, --quiet                 Only show errors and above.
    -v, --verbose               Show info messages and above.
    -d, --debug                 Show debug messages.

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