Alfred-Workflow is an open-source project and contributions are welcome.


Do not submit yet another feature request for Python 3 support

I am aware of the existence of Python 3. There will be a rewrite of the library that removes all the crufy and only supports Python 3 when I get around to it.

Feature requests and bugs

If you have a bug report or a feature request, please create a new issue on GitHub.

Pull requests

If you’d like to submit a pull request, please observe the following:

  • Alfred-Workflow has very close to 100% test coverage. “Proof-of-concept” pull requests without tests are welcome. However, please be prepared to add the appropriate tests if you want your pull request to be ultimately accepted.
  • Complete coverage is only a proxy for decent tests. Tests should also cover a decent variety of valid/invalid input. For example, if the code could potentially be handed non-ASCII input, it should be tested with non-ASCII input.
  • Code should be PEP8-compliant as far as is reasonable. Any decent code editor has a PEP8 plugin that will warn you of potential transgressions.
  • Please choose your function, method and argument names carefully, with an eye to the existing names. Obviousness is more important than brevity.
  • Document your code using the Sphinx ReST format. Even if your function/method isn’t user-facing, some other developer will be looking at it. Even if it’s only a one-liner, the developer may be looking at the API docs in a browser, not at the source code. If you don’t feel comfortable writing English, I’d be happy to write the docs for you, but please ensure the code is easily understandable (i.e. comment the code if it’s not totally obvious).
  • Performance counts. By default, Alfred will try to run a workflow anew on every keypress. As a rule, 0.3 seconds execution time is decent, 0.2 seconds or less is smooth. Alfred-Workflow should do its utmost to consume as little of that time as possible.

The main entry point for unit testing is the script in the root directory. This will fail if code coverage is < 100%. Travis-CI and GitHub Actions also use this script. Add # pragma: no cover with care.

Unit tests

Alfred-Workflow includes a full suite of unit tests. Please use the script in the root directory of the repo to run the unit tests: it creates the necessary test environment to run the unit tests. will fail if not run via, but the test suites for the other modules may also be run directly.

Moreover, checks the coverage of the unit tests and will fail if it is below 100%.

Questions and help

If you have feedback or a question regarding Alfred-Workflow, please post in the Alfred forum thread.